Fun Living Hand Painted Butterfly Wing Earrings


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Stunning Hand Painted Butterfly Wing Earrings, made completely by hand and hand painted with such beautiful skill and time. 

Designed from resin, and so real to look at, these are cute earrings to compliment and style up any outfit. Measuring 4cm in length.

A gorgeous and unusual gift that will be loved by everyone, if you are looking for something a little bit out of the box.

Completely handmade by amazingly talented, and patient jewellery artists, from around the globe. I know I have already mentioned, but who to us here at Lost Lover, they really are some of the most beautiful people in this world.

Their chilled out vibes and happiness shines on through the beautiful designs they are constantly making. We leave it up to them to design as they wish as they are so talented and have such beauty in their minds that it reflects on each design.

We use the same families every year, every year we all all very happy to see each other and basically chill out whilst going through various designs they have made, obviously we cant select all of them- although we would like to! so here online we are showing some of their work.  

Beautiful designs to compliment your individual style.   

Bring out the inner hippie goddess within you and beautify up any outfit this summer. 

Wear one item at a time for simplicity, or mix a few pieces together for all out beautiful Boho Vibes. 



  • Handmade
  • Hand Painted With Time And Skill
  • Resin Not Real 
  • Measuring 4cm in length
  • Pieces from around the world
  • Fairtrade / Friends
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Hippie Godess Vibes  
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